my car crash caitlin

hi yestoday i was in the garden and me and my mum and my dad came out of the house saying  “caitlin go to grandmas room theres been a terrible acsident” of corse i dident know what had happened so i went to my grandmas room. after a while my mum said “you can come and have a look if you want” so i did a horrible sight ambilances and police and nabors coming to see what had happened! so  i looked around and i saw 3 smashed up gates(one of them not ours) a missing piller and a big dead car  so the ambulance went and then a big toe truck came and tuck the car away then the police and then we went back into the house and carried on with our lives but evary one is ok and nobody was killed but the man who was driving the car passed out and thats how it all happned!

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  1. kennedy says:

    where did it happen xx

  2. candice says:

    i wonder how this happend

  3. bethanybenbow says:


  4. Huzaifa and Kate says:

    Hi we are from Heathfield primary in bolton.This accident looks terrible.We are glad that evreyone is ok.


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